Husband & Wife DRIFT Team. Team Hansen BAM SHIFTS! @RudyHansen119 and @ChelleeHansen on the Gram and be sure to follow Rudy as he competes in Formula Drift!


Gonzalo Tristan IV or @Shinrei_fc1 on instagram. Vehicle (Shinrei) is a 2020 Civic Si Sedan which features a 1/2 itasha wrap by BDSD art. The main reason behind the specific character choice (Nezuko) in the wrap is due to her being my daughter’s favorite character in the show. It also ties into my love of cars, anime and Japanese culture in which I am truly fascinated with. My BAM SHIFTS Nano is also of Nezuko which brings the theme of the civic all together. (The ribbon is also my daughter’s doing.) I mainly showcase the car at different car shows, expos and car meets in San Antonio and the surrounding areas. With more performance modifications going in the car this year, I plan to do some autocross events with Shinrei which I cannot wait for, it’ll be a good time to come! I truly can’t thank Ivan and Vera enough for bringing me into the BamFam, it truly means a lot for them to recognize my build and have it represent BAM SHIFTS! Now it’s only up from here!