"Enhance your driving experience with our Custom Handcrafted Bamboo Weighted Shift Knobs. . Each shift knob is meticulously crafted from sustainable bamboo, offering a unique  alternative to standard gear knobs. Choose between our laser engraved graphics for a sleek and personalized look, or opt for our full color Inked designs that add texture and vibrant visuals. Perfect for car enthusiasts seeking a touch of elegance and individuality in their vehicle’s interior.


Legit, so in love.
Freakin great and easy
The best shift knob I’ve ever had
I’m obsessed

KeanuTiki Hybrid

Fantastic, heavier than I expected so it feels amazing build quality is awesome loving the design and time it took to make. Thank you!

JamesBlack Hex

Just installed a super sick shift knob from BAM SHIFTS! Much nicer feel than my previous shift knob, it’s larger, and higher which makes my arm position much more comfortable. If you’re one of the cool kids and have a manual then I highly recommend!


Great quality, craftsmanship, weight, and customer service. Will be buying a 2nd shift knob from BAM SHIFTS soon.

LelanA River Runs Hybrid

BAM SHIFTS Gear shifter is super solid, great design, and comfortable look for my 2018 Infiniti Q50.

AdamTiki Hybrid

Great shift knob,
Feels nice, looks great. The Tiki design is just right for the vibe I am going for. Love the texture of the grip. The magnetic top stays on well. The entire shift knob is a great quality and it looks as good as the pictures.

MattSparrows Hybrid

Great Product!
Item was super easy to install and looks amazing! Great craftsmanship!

DeeBlack Cherry Hybrid

Love it!
Really happy with the black cherry, a very nice centerpiece. Requested the entire knob be painted black and it was no problem and came out great. ✌️

Family owned and operated!

Located in Blackfoot, Idaho.


Frequently asked questions

When can I expect my shift knob to arrive?

You can trust that we are putting in our utmost effort to craft your order and ship it to you at the earliest opportunity!

If you're looking to get your hands on the ultimate shift knob on the market, please note that the current wait time may extend up to a month due to high demand and existing order volumes since we handcraft each one.

We're a tight-knit family that meticulously handcrafts every BAM SHIFT. Keep in mind: patience pays off when the end result is something extraordinary!!!

How are the shift knobs made?

Lots of blood, beers, sweat, and tears!

Its a secret, all we can say is that they are handcrafted from bamboo and other materials, right here at our shop in Blackfoot, Idaho. All the metal parts are all made by our good friend and local machinist Mr. Bill.

What happens if it doesnt fit?

If you are having issues installing your BAM SHIFT or are unsatisfied with the shifter, we offer a 15-day return window from the day of delivery for a refund.

Take a look at our return policy to know everything you need to know.

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