Founded in 2015, BAM SHIFTS emerged as the brainchild of owner Ivan Marcinko's insatiable desire for exploration, artistic creation, and the realization of his vision for an exceptional shift knob brand. Nestled in southeast Idaho, BAM SHIFTS is dedicated to delivering premier shift knobs and accessories, meticulously crafted and predominantly produced in-house by the dynamic husband-and-wife duo, Ivan and Vera Marcinko. Originating in their modest inaugural garage, this family-owned enterprise has undergone a remarkable journey over the past eight years. By seamlessly blending distinctive craftsmanship with bespoke designs, we passionately present exceptional art pieces tailored to meet your desires. Committed to maintaining top-tier quality, we toil diligently and stand unwaveringly behind the excellence of our work and products.



Thanks to its distinctive composition, bamboo stands out for its inherent strength...

In contrast to wood, bamboo lacks rays or knots, providing resilience across the entire length of each stalk.

Bamboo's sectional anatomy, both at a macro scale as a cane and on a microscopic fiber level, bolsters its structural integrity.

The elevated silica content in bamboo fibers renders it impervious to termite digestion.

Bamboo possesses chemical extractives distinct from hardwood, making it exceptionally well-suited for adhesive applications.

In structural engineering assessments, bamboo has demonstrated...

Greater tensile strength compared to numerous steel alloys.

Superior compressive strength when compared to various concrete mixtures.

An exceptional strength-to-weight ratio outperforming even graphite.

Installation Tips

This video will show you how to install a BAM SHIFTS TallBoy shift knob into a 2007 Subaru STI. The process is relatively simple and can be done in a few minutes with basic tools.
Start by removing the old shift knob. This can be done by unscrewing it from the shifter.
Once the old shift knob is removed, clean the threads of the shifter.
Thread the new Reverse lock adapter onto the shifter and tighten it into place.
Next, screw on the Thread Adapter and tighten onto the Reverse Lock Adapter. (You can use a drop of BLUE Lock-tight on the INSIDE threads to secure the adapter)
Next, screw on the BAM SHIFTS Core and tighten.
Install your Graphic Grip and position the graphic to your liking. Install top cap and tighten using the included allen wrench,
Last, drop on the magnetic cap.

Test your new BAM SHIFT by shifting through the gears.

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