Shift Knob Installation Instructions with Brass Adapter and Jam Nut

Some BAM SHIFTS may require BLUE Loctite to align your BAM SHIFT to your liking.  If using the supplied brass adapter and jam nut, first screw on the Jam nut then brass adapter to the shifter then screw on your BAM SHIFT.  You can adjust the position of your BAM SHIFT using the jam nut or using Blue Loctite without the jam nut depending on your setup. Blue Loctite will hold the BAM SHIFT in position and allow for removal with some force if needed at a later time.  Add just a couple drops to the outer threads of your shifter then screw on the brass adapter to the desired position, let sit overnight. When installing your new Bam Shift do not over tighten, doing so may damage the shifter or threads. Remember to please post photos of your installed BAM SHIFT or sticker to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages.      



Q: What's my thread size/How do I find out my thread size?

A: There are 3-4 main thread sizes that most cars have.  Here is the link to our thread pitch page:

If for some reason its not listed, simply search on google, make/model followed by shift knob thread size, or contact us and let us know your vehicle model.


Q: What if my knob is not threaded?

A: Some cars have clip knobs rather than screw on.  We may need you to measure your shifter rod so we can make the insert wide enough to fit, but we do have an insert that uses set screws to secure the knob in place. 


Q: What happens if my Bam Shift breaks?

A: We will replace or fix any broken shift knob with an identical one. We must receive the broken or defective BAM SHIFT before a new one will be sent.


Q: I drive a car with an automatic transmission. Can I still install one of your shift knobs?

A: If your stock shifter has any kind of button on it, Installing an aftermarket shift knob usually requires the use of an adapter. We do offer these adapters. If your shift knob does not have a button on it, in most cases, our knobs will fit. Feel free to contact us if you need further clarification.

Installation Videos coming soon.

Installation Tips

This video will show you how to install a BAM SHIFTS TallBoy shift knob into a 2007 Subaru STI. The process is relatively simple and can be done in a few minutes with basic tools.
Start by removing the old shift knob. This can be done by unscrewing it from the shifter.
Once the old shift knob is removed, clean the threads of the shifter.
Thread the new Reverse lock adapter onto the shifter and tighten it into place.
Next, screw on the Thread Adapter and tighten onto the Reverse Lock Adapter. (You can use a drop of BLUE Lock-tight on the INSIDE threads to secure the adapter)
Next, screw on the BAM SHIFTS Core and tighten.
Install your Graphic Grip and position the graphic to your liking. Install top cap and tighten using the included allen wrench,
Last, drop on the magnetic cap.

Test your new BAM SHIFT by shifting through the gears.

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